Web 2.0 vs 3.0

Social media has much to owe to Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is the second stage of development in the internet in general. Before Web 2.0 there was Web 1.0 and in the future there will be Web 3.0. The web is constantly evolving and new technologies are being created on a daily basis. Before we can move forward we have to understand what stage of development we are in now and what it means for social media.

Right now our current world is in the second stage of internet development which is Web 2.0. Without Web 2.0 social media wouldn’t be possible. Web 2.0 is defined as a collaborative communication that is interactive between others on the web. Web 2.0 has a huge community purpose with user generated content. Before Web 2.0 there was Web 1.0 which was much different from Web 2.0. Web 1.0 goes straight to the producer to the consumer without any community sharing and focused mostly on read only content-no social interaction. The Web 1.0 internet had advertising on it and web content but there was no way to interact between the mediums. This shows that social media had no place in Web 1.0 and could only evolve in the form of Web 2.0.

But what is the future of the internet and social media? Web 3.0 seems to be the answer. Web 3.0 will become more personal and will know exactly what the user wants. The computer can guess what the user is searching for and can connect the user to all aspects of their life including their phone, laptop, car and even household appliances. Users will have the internet essentially personalized to them.

How will this affect social media? Web 3.0 will be personalized to a individual’s tastes. It will separate the bad content from the good content. This can lead to the rise of artificial intelligence where the computer can understand data even better than a human can.

Some problems that may pose in the future is the digital divide. I believe since Web 3.0 will become more intelligent, the people using Web 3.0 will become more intelligent as well. People who do not have access to the internet miss out on the benefits of Web 3.0 which will result in many people especially children to fall behind. The more advanced technology becomes, the harder it is for people who are affected by the digital divide to keep up.

Many people argue that Web 3.0 is already here but I think we are on the cusp of it but not quite there yet. When the time comes we have to be ready to spread this technology for all and make it more available. I also believe education is the most important role to understand how these new technologies will work. Social media and the internet will constantly evolve and we have to be ready to not only understand it ourselves but be willing to teach it to other people.

Do you think that Web 3.0 is already here or do you think we have a ways to go? If you think its not here yet, when do you think it will arrive?





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