How to Promote your Library with Social Media

I found a wonderful article entitled 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Libraries- In this day and age its extremely inportant for libraries to take advantage of social media. The problem is that some librarians have no idea where to start. There are ten tips on this article that help librarians on social media and what their libraries should do to promote themselves on social media. I’m going to go through my favorite of out the ten tips and see if my own library that I work at follows any of the tips and what we can do better.

The first tip is to think big and start small. This means to pick a few social media accounts and make a strong presence there. One quote I liked from this section was “It’s better to have a strong presence on just a couple of platforms than be mediocre on many.” This is true because no business ever wants to be stretched thin over several social media accounts. My library has a strong Facebook account so I think this follows the articles advice but it can’t hurt to try one more social media account.

The fourth tip is to take part in the conversation. Patrons like it when the business talks back to them instead of having a one-sided conversation. I often see this happen on Twitter where a user will tweet the business about a problem they have and the business will give them an answer right over Twitter itself. This shows that you are aware of some complaints patrons may issue and you can work actively with them to fix them. My library communicates with our patrons on Facebook but we can do better by posing more questions at them instead of them asking us questions on our page. By getting feedback we can improve our services targeted for our users.

The seventh tip is to feature patrons. This is something that my library doesn’t do but we should. By featuring patrons who use our library for events for example can bring attention to our library and the community as a whole. A featured patron of the month is something I just thought of and can bring more attention to our Facebook page. For example there is a lady at my library who uses our meeting room to make sleeping mats for the homeless and she can be featured to show our library does more than check out books.

The last tip is to engage your patrons in contests. We have county wide contests but we do not have local contests that pertain to our library. I think by having contests featured on social media we can bring more attention and hype to the library because everyone loves contests. Reading contests over social media is also a great way to bring buzz to the library.

The article features more tips on how to use social media but these four are my favorite tips to use. Even using one of these tips can improve a library’s social media. I encourage everyone to use at least one of these tips in their own library and see what a difference it can make.

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