How to draw Attention to Your Library’s Facebook

I came across an article from and it was about how to gain attention to your libraries Facebook page. The article says that “86 percent of libraries said they were using social media. The top two social media platforms used by libraries were Facebook (99 percent) and Twitter (56 percent)”. I believe Facebook is the best site to use for a library. Older adults know how to use Facebook as opposed to Twitter and I believe Facebook is the more accessible site for all age demographics.

Well all this sounds well and good so why aren’t people paying more attention to library social media sites? There is a simple explanation for that.  The article says that “48 percent of libraries surveyed weren’t measuring their efforts at all.” If a business uses social media but doesn’t measure their efforts on it, then their business probably wouldn’t do so well. So why should non-profits such as libraries do the same?

If a library is using Facebook and doesn’t measure their efforts there is no point in using social media at all. So how does one measure their efforts? Well first a library needs a plan on how to use social media and how much they should post a day. And they have to make sure their content is relevant and fun. People go on Facebook not only to communicate but to also be entertained as well.  One suggestion the article has is “Create interest by posting five fast or interesting facts about every event or service you post.” This can be a fun way to inform your audience and generate attention about an event as well.

Another way to generate attention is to simply make it fun. People like clever and funny things and they will most likely like or retweet a cute cat than a graph about the statistics of the library system. I’m not saying to post cute and funny stuff all the time but don’t be afraid to have some fun with the Facebook page because it will make it seem like it’s an actual human rather behind the screen and be more personal for the audience.

Lastly in order to have a successful Facebook make sure to post about local events. It may be easy to repost something that is getting national attention but its important to not forget about the target audience you are catering to. People like hearing about local events or brand new news about your particular library. In my opinion posting a mix of national news and local news would be the best bet. One example I found online who does this well is the Lawrence Public Library and their Facebook link is here: They have a well balanced mix of local, national, and all around clever gifs and images they use for their Facebook page which I think makes for an enjoyable experience to read.

So everyone out there who has a Facebook for their library, get working on it and improve what you can do better!








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