How one program gets promoted at the Library

I thought it would be interesting to discuss how one program uses social media at my library. My posts usually focus on broader aspects of social media and I don’t usually write about my personal experience with social media. I learned a lot from social media over the years and I learned what works and what doesn’t work. Sometimes social media is trial and error and that’s okay, not everything you are going to post is going to be perfect.

What matters is being true to your audience and also thinking outside of the box. Remember who your target audience is. What works for one population may not work for another. For example I promote two programs over social media over Facebook and both are extremely different to promote. One is for new parents for children’s programs and the other is for older adults. Both populations are different to reach and both should be treated in its own unique way.

I currently run an adult coloring club at the library I work at. This program is probably the most hardest to promote with social media since this program mostly attracts older adults and older adults aren’t as active on social media as the younger generation. What usually happens is I post the announcement and times for the adult coloring club on Facebook and the sons and daughters usually tell their parents about it.

I knew I had to get creative in order to attract more people to the adult coloring club. So I started to promote the club at other events we had at the library and left out flyers so people can take. I also put up posters near the sight saving and Christian fiction which are popular sections for the older adults. This strategy really helped increase the numbers for the coloring club. It is difficult to promote a program for a population that really doesn’t use social media as much so you have to get creative. And if not-promote it to the people who will tell the older adults about it. Word of mouth is still relevant in this day and age.

Another program that I promote is the children’s storybook hour. This program is easier to promote because we can easily tell people about it on Facebook and moms and dads are on there to see it. I usually start out by making a fun looking post telling people the date, time, place, what the program is about, how long it will run, how old the children have to be to attend and what to bring if they need to bring anything. Then I put on a colorful graphic or the poster we use as the featured picture of the post.

Overall it depends on what program you are promoting which either can be easy or hard to promote. I love social media and think it’s a great tool to use and the more I use it, the better I get at it.




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