Library Apps?

I’ve been thinking about Library Apps this week and how creative we can make them. I wish my public library had an app that can take you straight to the library’s homepage. You can still access the the homepage from the internet but I believe it would be so much easier if we had an app that can access the entire catalog. I was also thinking of creative ways we can tune the app to make it more attractive for people to get.

I recently got an app called OpenTable which is for earning points for a restaurants. What the app is that when you book a reservation at a restaurant that is registered at OpenTable, you can earn points towards your visit. For example I went to a restaurant last night and earned one hundred points on the app. After one thousand points you can start to earn rewards such as twenty dollars off your next meal.

I wonder if we can do the same thing but with libraries.  I think this is a great way to have people go to restaurants affiliated with OpenTable and it brings more business to the restaurants. But can non-profit sectors such as libraries can do the same thing? Like the more branches you go to in the BECPL the more points you can earn towards winning a gift card or something. This could encourage more people to visit different branches and see new libraries. Or after one thousand items checked out on your card then you earn a prize or something. I think that would entice more children to want to check out more books.

That was just an idea of an app but now I am going to get into actual apps that are out there that are catered towards a library system. The first one is called Library Books and what it does it tracks multiple library cards you have and tells you when upcoming books are due. This is a very useful app and it sends reminders to your phone when the due date is coming up and since everyone has their phone on them all the time it would be hard to miss it. The only downside to this app is that it’s three dollars.

Another app is MeeGenius Kids Books. This is an app for kids that had many children’s titles on it to track your books. It also has read-along technology and you can highlight words and narrate them to help your children understand better.

I also like the Goodread app where you can store all the titles of all the books you read in one place. You can pretty much do the same things you do on the site but in a mobile version now. It’s a quicker and easier way to get to your Goodreads page straight from your phone. You also can make a to-read list which you can access from your phone while at the library so you can quickly find the books you are looking for.

Do you have a library app you like or do you have an idea for a library app? Please comment below!


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