Thoughts as We are Nearing the End of the Semester

We have less than a month left in the semester and it’s still a shock to me how quickly the  semester has gone by. I wanted to mention the things I learned so far in the semester and how this class effected my thoughts on social media.

1. My boss recently gave me full control over the Facebook of my library and I am more confident running it since taking this class. I understand better how social media works and what kind of posts to put on the library page’s Facebook thanks to the research of this class and research I did on my own. I told my boss I was taking a class on social media and he found that encouraging and thought I was well equipped with dealing with the Facebook page. Since I took over, our numbers have gone up and we’ve reached more people and gained more likes. For example we had a primate show at the library and I advertised it on Facebook and our turnout was double the patrons we usually get which shows how inportant it is to advertise on Facebook. I am extremely grateful for running the Facebook page and I don’t think I would have the confidence I do if I didn’t take this class.

2. My partner and I did a group project on YouTube and I learned a lot about YouTube from the research I had to do on the project. I recently joked to my manager and coworkers that we should make a YouTube music video about our library and my manager was actually seriously considering doing it.

3. I learned that not all social media is the same and what might work for one company may not work for another. For example I know Facebook is the best social media to use for my library since most of our patrons are adults or older adults and their main form of social media is Facebook for them. But for social media for New York Public Library System, they have a Facebook, Twitter and even a YouTube page. It makes sense for them because they serve a larger demographic and they have people of all ages visit their library. Not that we don’t have younger patrons who visit our library, its just that it’s not large enough to amass a following on social media.

4. I also learned of other forms of media which can be considered social media such as gaming which I never considered before. I also learned the importance of apps and the large future they will have on businesses and even for non-profits such as libraries.

5. Finally I learned how to make a Prezi! I know this doesn’t apply directly to this class but I never used a Prezi before and for our social media project my partner suggested we use it and I’m glad we did because now I’m using a Prezi for other classes all because of this class.

Overall I learned a lot from this class and its not even over yet! Comment below what you have learned from this class so far!


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