Last Post of the Semester!

So this is the last post of the semester. I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot about social media. So this week I wanted to wrap everything up and name a couple social media sites and list why I think they are good for libraries and their advantages and disadvantages.

1.Facebook -Like I mentioned in previous posts Facebook is great for libraries and probably the best social media site to use since it caters to all ages. Older adults can figure it out fairly well and its easy to share posts on it with people. Also since promoting my library on it I figured out that reach it can have by following other libraries and their pages following me back. So the advantages here is that its for all ages, easy to use, and reaches a lot of people. The disadvantages are I noticed that a lot of the younger crowd is leaning away from Facebook.

2.Twitter- Twitter is a good site to reach out to a younger crowd of people especially millennials. It’s also 140 characters which makes making posts short and easy for people to read and retweet. I like twitter because you can gain a large following and easily retweet other people’s tweets and tag them as well. The advantages are its easy to use, gain a large following, and its a good way to reach out to a younger crowd. The disadvantages are not a lot of older adults are on twitter and since its only 140 characters long you can’t post in-depth information on it.

3.Tumblr- I like Tumblr as an aesthetic website. There are lots of good pictures and photos on there to reblog and lots of other blogs that one can follow on there. Tumblr can also go into great detail about your posts and describe what your library is up to while providing pictures as well. The advantages are a younger audience of mostly teenagers, a beautiful looking blog and easy to reblog. The downside is you have to come up with a lot of content and its not as easy as Twitter which you can just write down 140 characters and you’re done.

4.Youtube- I love Youtube because its probably the most engaging website and longest time spent on there due to length of videos. The advantage there is that your library social media page on YouTube will stand out from all the rest and videos are the most engaging form of entertainment. The downside is that videos take a lot of time and money to make.

5. Pintrest-I admit I don’t know much about Pintrest but from what I seen its like a catalog of ideas that people share. Its similar to Tumblr with its aesthetic value and its scroll down format. Its advantages are it appeals to younger audiences but its downside is that not a lot of people use it compared to Facebook and Twitter and lots of information on there isn’t relevant.

Overall  I would choose a social media site that is right for your library (although I do like Facebook the most!) and try your hardest to put your library out there! I had fun this semester and I hope everyone did too 🙂


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